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Cognitive Training

Do you find yourself forgetting things or just generally being slower than you used to? As our lives get busier, we carry more with us which can require different parts of our brain to strengthen while others begin to relax. Cognitive training can help you focus on building the abilities you feel require some additional love.

If you’re like me, you would do anything in your power to avoid TV commercials, especially the ones about mopping floors. If that’s the case, you may have also missed the thousands of commercials Lumosity started airing in the early 2010’s. Lumosity uses a combination of science and gamification to help users develop their cognitive skills. They offer over 50 different games designed to help users improve their cognitive skills including: speed, memory, attention, flexibility, and problem solving.

New clients can sign up for free and start with a calibration test to see how they stack up against others within their age group. Then users can shift towards focusing on building a few specific skills or continuing to build all five. In any case, it’s a gamified way to develop the abilities you wish you had more of. Donut let me keep you much longer – go ahead and start training that brain!

Click here to sign up for free and find out which skills need sharpening:

Tip: Focus on 1 – 2 areas to round out your cognitive skills

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