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What kind of Worker are you?

Most times, when we’re surrounded by individuals that are not like us - we may be quick to judge their capabilities. This is because everyone has a different way of doing work and it’s highly important you learn to understand what styles of individuals you’re working with, in order to better collaborate with them.

“Jeet is demanding and always wants to see things done yesterday.”

“Jade is so chatty and talks a big game, but doesn’t actually get much done.”

“Jan needs to have every last detail before proceeding ahead.”

“Jared will be agreeable in front of an audience but often isn’t actually on board.”

Do any of these sound familiar? If so, it’s because we are always surrounded by individuals that have different work personalities. Whether it’s the person that demands a lot or the person that doesn’t want to do much, we have all these individuals in our work environment. However, what’s critical here is that we learn to draw out the best in everybody, because the truth is we need all these personalities on a successful team. This effort begins by recognizing what our colleagues need to collaborate and work better together. So, I challenge you to take the DISC quiz and share it with your team as well.

What does the makeup of your team look like? Can you use this to identify where folks need to lean in more? Can you use it recognize your own blindspots?

Click here to take your free quiz today:

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