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What type of Creative are you?

Ever wondered how others come up with cool ideas or visualizations making your ideas seem completely unoriginal? The good news is we don’t all need to be the same type of creative, but we should know how to draw on our creativity when it’s most needed – perhaps to enhance a legacy process, solve a juicy problem, or create net new solutions.

Adobe has developed a super speedy quiz that can help you assess what your Creative Type is. The quiz is based in psychology research to assess your basic habits and tendencies that impact your perceptions of the world and how you leverage these perceptions to pluck on your creative strings. If nothing else, check out the site to see Adobe’s cute visualizations of the 8 Creative Types, I promise it’ll spark some joy inside you.

Click here to take your free quiz today:

Tip: Connect the different creative types on your team to see how they come together to create novel solutions at work!

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