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I started Bite with one goal in mind: bring knowledge to leaders so we can collectively make smarter decisions in business and in life.

Gori Bhullar

A little about me...


 I immigrated to Canada at the age of six, and a personal goal of mine is to help elevate others by paving paths that were once unavailable to me as an immigrant and woman of colour. One way I hope to achieve this is to curate content that's packed with knowledge and insights that will create smarter leaders everyday.


I'm a Management Consultant with almost a decade of experience in the Human Capital Consulting space. I've had the pleasure of working with leaders and executives across all industries to help them define and shape their People & Culture strategy and goals. The best thing about being a generalist is that it's easier to connect the dots across the many interconnected pieces that impact or are impacted by Human Capital decisions. Connect with me on LinkedIn to learn more.


When I'm not Bite-ing or working, you'll find me on my yoga mat because even after 14 years of practice I am still learning and growing. You'll also find me pursuing my other passion - the love of making gift baskets, check them out at #MadeWithLoveTO. Finally, I'm a true bookworm at heart, so put me on an island with a stack of business books and I will call this my happy place.

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