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Rising stronger after a layoff

In the midst of the recent wave of layoffs, it's surprising and somewhat disheartening to see how many individuals are experiencing a peculiar sense of 'relief' alongside a spectrum of other emotions. While acknowledging the validity of feelings like confusion and fear, it sheds light on how certain employers may inadvertently dim the brilliance of their top talent.

Let's break it down today and explore why this professional parting might actually be a blessing in disguise:

Small thinkers have a knack for coaxing us into shrinking our own thoughts and ideas.

The key? Be bold, be innovative, be creative—distance yourself as far as possible from these small thinkers.


Now, shifting gears towards something more constructive, let's delve into some valuable resources and tips to fortify your job search, starting with the all-important mindset.


Mindset Matters

  • Everyone deserves to love their job: Imagine if you treated your career path as another cherished hobby. What would it be? Consider where your hobbies and skills intersect. Are you living that today?

  • I'd rather be doing that: Reflect on what you'd rather be doing than enduring a dismal job day after day. Move beyond the fleeting joys of vacations and window shopping. Envision the lasting impact you desire to make on the world.

  • Everyone wants to make an impact: Contemplate the type of impact you want to create. Is it related to people, technology, the environment, or wildlife? No matter how unique or specific, that's a path worth exploring.


Networking Tools

Let's bid farewell to awkward conversations at traditional networking events. Instead, channel your energy into more meaningful discussions, both work-related and beyond. Expand your network with these tools, and here's a solid tip: approach each conversation with genuine curiosity—it's astonishing how much inspiration you can gain.


  • Lunchclub: An online platform connecting you with individuals in your chosen geographical region to discuss common topics and interests. The best part? You're both there to do one thing: meet new people.

  • MeetUp: Job hunting doesn't have to consume your entire day. Take a break, engage in activities that interest you, and meet fascinating people. You never know where these connections may lead.


Career Tools

Revisiting some helpful tools I've shared in the past, for your reflection and potential career change:

  • Truity: Take free quizzes covering aspects from personality to work preferences, sparking additional thoughts about your ideal role.

  • 16 Personalities: Uncover various aspects of your life, from confidence to burnout, aiding you in making informed career choices.


ChatGPT Prompts

As a parting nugget, here's a helpful ChatGPT prompt to aid in your interview preparation:


Hi chat, review this job [paste job description below]. What questions should I be asking its senior partner in an informal chat about the work, environment, firm, strategic direction, etc.?



Wishing you all the best in your job hunt—remember, be intentional with who receives your energy; it's finite. You've got this! 🩷

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