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Worker Personas of 2022

Do you recall a time where worker personas were segmented by the years in which people were born – Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z’s? Now, McKinsey has taken a fresh look at worker personas from a talent attraction perspective to help leaders and hiring managers better seek out talent in this era of the Great Resignation. The shift has gone from segmenting workers by age, to understanding how their personal lives impact what they seek from their employers and the work itself.

Let’s portion out each of the personas and learn more about their attributes and what they seek. The question that will remain is, could learning some of this evolve your employee value proposition or even your approach to talent attraction? We sure hope so!

1. The Traditionalists

  • Attributes: Career-oriented individuals who are willing to prioritize work for the right reasons

  • Seeking: Employment in large organizations, competitive compensation with perks, status, career advancement

  • Reasons to hire: Motivated workers, easier to find through common recruitment channels

2. The Do-It-Yourselfers

  • Attributes: Deep desire for sense of purpose, autonomy, and freedom to explore work and careers beyond their current mandate / role

  • Seeking: Flexibility to learn and explore, meaningful work, competitive compensation

  • Reasons to hire: Do not require as much guidance as early talent and will gain skills outside of work to advance in the workplace

3. The Caregivers

  • Attributes: Hold many priorities outside of work including caring for the young / elderly / themselves, thus requiring boosted flexibility in how and when work is completed

  • Seeking: Flexibility above all, support for physical and mental well-being, career development

  • Reasons to hire: Experienced workers that once invested a lot into organizations that could easily be attracted by more flexible organizations

4. The Idealists

  • Attributes: New to the workforce with limited priorities or responsibilities outside of work (e.g., students, early talent)

  • Seeking: Flexibility, career development and advancement potential, meaningful work, sense of belonging and community

  • Reasons to hire: Compensation is lower on their priority list, mostly looking to gain employment and begin their careers

5. The Relaxers

  • Attributes: Seasoned workers comprised of early and natural-age retirees

  • Seeking: Meaningful work to re-enter workforce

  • Reasons to hire: Experienced workers who still have productive years left

Tip: Look at your team today and try to identify where you might tailor the work or workplace to help you create environments where the needs of your workforce are met.

Source: McKinsey Insights – The Great Attrition is making hiring harder. Are you searching the right talent pools?:

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