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I'm sooooo busy

If we're all so busy, why are things still not getting done?

According to McKinsey, it’s actually the poor design and execution of our collaborative interactions that slow us down or even prevent us from moving ahead. Here's a #JuicyBite

In this era of being able to connect MORE, collaborate MORE, chat MORE, we’ve lost our way and maybe our desire of having effective interactions. I’ll say that again – we connect more, but not effectively, we collaborate more, but not efficiently, and we chat more, but not purposefully. You would think the more discussions we have, the more we would be able to get things pushed along, but the reality is, we’ve over vectored towards bringing everyone to the table and lost focus of why we’re asking for their time.

To help us recalibrate, McKinsey has suggested categorizing your discussions.

1. Information Sharing

These interactions should be for sharing information almost exclusively. There are two types:

  • One-way communication: Presentations or townhalls where information is cascaded to intended audience such as quarterly updates or announcements.

  • Two-way communication: Presentations or townhalls where information is cascaded, but there is a welcoming of reactions or questions.

2. Decision-Making

These are usually more complex discussions that require the time and space for the presenting of information, open dialogue, and ultimately the making of decisions. These may be strategy meetings or succession planning discussions.

3. Creative Solutions and Coordination

These interactions may be those regular check-ins with the team / colleagues where there is fluid or structured discussion such as daily updates, and these may also be dedicated times for deliberate ideation such as design or brainstorm sessions.

Whatever your objectives are for the interaction, it starts with knowing what you're hoping to achieve from the interaction combined with being very mindful of setting that context with your attendees.

Tip: Remember, try to share an agenda in advance of your meeting and let’s swing back towards having meaningful AND productive interactions at work, and away from scheduling another meeting that could have just been an email or IM.

Source: McKinsey & Company – If we're all so busy, why isn't anything getting done?:

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